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OMC engages with Investors, Cultivators, Architects and Engineers to provide horticulture process engineering services necessary to complete a facility design narrative in sufficient detail for submission to regulatory commissions, to obtain permits and to prepare construction documents.

Cultivating quality cannabis starts with a little research and a lot of questions. Together we will exchange views on your design and operational requirements to develop a common sense approach to your cultivation needs. We will discuss lighting, sanitation, grow mediums and other methodologies to customize a cultivation solution for your facility.

Whether you are in the beginning phases of your cultivation project or expanding and improving your grow, we are here to help. Our seasoned growers, project managers and process engineers will drive down daily operational expenses through uniquely tailored systems.


OMC works to educate your team about cultivating cannabis while collaborating with you and your grower to maximize space to reach your targeted goals. Whether starting from seeds or clones, Operations Management Consulting can provide instruction throughout the product life-cycle. Learn about our tips and techniques for germination, vegetative growth training and flower phase preparation.

New Grow Operations

Work with OMC to examine your business plans and develop milestones for success at your new location in the cannabis business. We will guide you to determine the best equipment, product flow and workflow processes.

Budget Control

All facilities benefit from financial and data-driven discernment. Create an accurate P&L statement, construction budget and operating expense account with OMC. Avoid wasteful spending during the construction and operational phases of your business by implementing elements of sustain- ability. Provide our team’s streamlined conceptual narratives to your Architect and Engineer as baselines to reduce your overall design costs.

Workflow Process

Cannabis industry businesses operate within stringent compliance guidelines. The processes the organization implements often define success. OMC customizes procedures for your facilities and employees. We offer standard operating procedures and process management. Reduce the cost of goods sold on your products with efficient workflow design and facility improvement measures.

Automated Efficiency

Three cost-effective areas to invest in automation include lighting, fertigation and climate control. We help you satisfy your business requirements by choosing a cutting edge automation package to match your selected cultivation management platform. Don’t waste margin dollars on traditionally inefficient practices. Invest today in your future with a fully integrated building and cultivation automation system.


We provide specialized training at various stages of the cannabis cultivation and retail sales process. Use our vast experience to prepare your employees to efficiently produce quality cannabis and build brand recognition with each client interaction.

Why Choose Us?

With over 25 years of experience managing indoor climate controls, we understand the interdependent relationship of balancing cultivation requirements with operating costs. We specialize in unique automated systems with custom industry features for airflow management, temperature, and humidity control.

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Tony Vannice, MBA, PMP
Owner, OMC
Cannabis Cultivator Since 2004